KRENKO is your partner for almost all services related to CATIA or SOLIDWORKS Composer. Only licenses and installation are left to the CATIA or SOLIDWORKS partners.
Our focus is on creating digital media with the software Composer. As a service company we make our knowledge of these topics available to our customers and train, support or advise them.

We will leave you speechless

One can interpret a lot into this statement. That’s what makes it so exciting.
However, it was developed from the aspect that we support our customers in presenting technical facts without text, without words non-verbally. That doesn’t always work, but there are interesting ways to reduce text to a minimum. The 3D CAD data are the most important source, but also pictograms and symbols.

Creative team

We are curious and open for everything new. It’s exciting how diverse the industries of our customers are. These completely different requirements result in knowledge and vision, which are an important base for creative and innovative ideas.

We work closely with SOLIDWORKS and CATIA partners to help you get the most out of your investment. In addition, we are the world’s first solution partner for SOLIDWORKS Composer. We are proud of that.

What characterizes us

There are hundreds of animation providers. Also the kind of animations are very different. The search for the right partner often turns out difficult for many companies. Therefore, we have listed the most important things that distinguish us as a service provider for you:

  • We have technical know-how with a focus on mechanical engineering. So we usually get to grips with your requirements very quickly.
  • Our customers can be found in all industries. That opens up a great deal of creativity from which you can benefit.
  • We know the Composer better than most. Especially, we work with the composer on a daily base – so good solutions can be created for almost every question.
  • Our capabilities are not limited to the application of the composer. We also program applications for the composer.

How we work

Every customer is individual and has special requirements. Therefore, this point cannot be answered in general. But there are a few things that are often or always implemented:

  • We come together and discuss the requirements and possibilities with you.
  • Especially with animations, we often deliver intermediate results so you have an influence on them at an early stage.
  • We conclude a agreement of confidentiality with our customers. So you can be sure that your data will not be passed on.

Of course we also help with our technical know-how if you do not own a composer, but would like to use its capabilities.

Our goals

We want customers who are satisfied with our services, customers who would like to take advantage of our services for two or more times. Of course, we are most pleased when our customers recommend us to others. And we do a lot for that, because your satisfaction grows when:

  • you will be productive with Composer as quickly as possible.
  • no question remains unanswered.
  • you will receive manuals and supporting tools.
  • integrations can be implemented in business processes.
  • you have a competent advisor for difficult questions at your site.
  • you are quickly helped with shortage.
  • your ideas become perfect video animations.

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