Customer examples: Animations

A special strength of the Composer is the easy and efficient way to create animations.
KRENKO offers two options:

► You do it yourself and we enable you to do it with workshops or trainings.

► We do this for you, because there is less time or no experience with animations.

In this media library we show you some examples of our customers.
They have been developed in a wide variety of industries and are used in both service and sales.
Here you will find animations created by us or created in the context of training courses.
A small selection of possibilities and industries.
Perhaps we will be able to show an animation from your company soon!

Installation cavity wall bracket
Project: Robusta Gaukel

Digital media do not even stop at the construction industry. Robusta Gaukel,, has been successfully using Solidworks Composer for animations for some time now. Here an example from the range safety engineering. Such good instructions do not only save time but contribute considerably to quality and safety.

Water tank service animation
Project: Tecteam customer day 2017
A daily problem many know. The flushing valve of the water tank is leaking. With an animation explaining this process, changing the seal is easy for everyone. The animation was created within 1.5 hours live in front of an audience. Preparation for textures and optical details is expected to take 2.5 hours.
Service animation Progressing Cavity Pump
Project: Seepex
The animation was provided to us by the customer a few weeks after the animation training. It shows the complete disassembly process of the pump and can be followed by any technician. It is remarkable that soon after the animation training such an excellent result was achieved.
food sector
Project: Pumpenfabrik Wangen
This project combines a composer animation of a pump with additions by the professional video editing software Adobe After Effects. In this case, the field of application was a trade fair. So the visitors could quickly understand the field of application.
Gripper Animation
Project: Grip GmbH
A small animation, which was set in scene by video effects. It shows a manual changing system for a Grip robot gripper.
medical technology
Project: Morcher
An animation showing the use of this device for eye surgery. So the handling is easy for every physician. The animation was created 100% with the Composer.
labelling technology
Project: Langguth
Complex technical processes in particular are often difficult to explain. Such an animation supports above all the sales department to answer every question in an innovative way. This example was provided to us by the customer for an extensive example in the manual Animations.
Here the animation of a complex beer bottle labelling system is shown. The entire process is comprehensible and an eye-catcher at every trade fair. The animation was created 100% in Composer. In the process, 3 labels are applied to the bottle using wet glue.
New product in craftsman area
Project: Kermi
Already some years ago this video was made. In addition to the unusual composer animation, marketing images, several comic sequences and both sound and music were cut together to a product video.
Paper machine service process
Project: Andritz
An animation of a service procedure or repair procedure offers the customer optimum support, which can be implemented quickly, in addition to the operating instructions. Service processes are thus not only supported but also lead to shorter downtimes.
Service platforms for aircraft
Project: Günzburger Steigtechnik
Equipping an aircraft for servicing wings and engines is an extensive task. Many platforms are required, each of which has different adjustment options. Here you can see a shortened version of the animation for such a system for an A380.
7er pick-up wheel
Project: Ferag AG
A thoroughly complex product from Ferag AG. Production lines for newspapers, magazines, etc. are developed and manufactured here. The example shows a mechanism that separates a stack of printed products for further processing with the help of vacuum suction cups. Here 7 segments are used. The machine works with 85 revolutions per minute considerably faster than shown here.
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