Individual training

An individual training is often classified to be expensive. This is rarely the case. Rather, the advantages that arise for your company outweigh:

  1. The training can be carried out at your premises. This means that traveling costs are incurred only for the trainer. In addition, special documents or geometries can be procured as quickly as possible.
    By the way, the management can get an idea of the situation and define objectives.
  2. For individual trainings we usually use data from your company. The users normally know this data and don’t feel to abstract about it. The functions can be adjusted even more precisely to this data and the results can be used directly in the current project.
  3. Wishes and requirements can already be agreed before the training. In this way, the contents are individually adapted to your points and questions. The knowledge has a direct reference and is applied directly.
  4. Have you ever attended a 4 or 5 day training course?
    Often this is a real challenge for all participants. For complex topics, we usually divide the training into several 2-day sections. This makes it easier to process the content. Between these section there can be between 2-6 weeks. So the content can be practiced and the unclear points directly serve as access into the subsequent seminar.
  5. Training courses are often pushed into day-to-day business and take up time that has to be made up later. When finally the skills can be used, some things are forgotten again. Therefore we offer you the option of remote support for the following weeks parallel to the training. Most questions can be answered quickly or shown again in a Teamviewer session.

Do you have any other requirements that meet your individual needs? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We take you in and realize what is possible.
Your special requirements are in good hands.

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