Manual Composer Animation

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For all those who want more than just pictures!

The extremely good response to our first manual has encouraged us to explain the second important topic of Composer: Animations.

In the second manual “Composer Animation” you can find out how to build an animation optimally, what has to be considered and how to solve particularly challenging representations.

Good basic knowledge is helpful to learn the topic Composer animation optimally. If you do not have a KRENKO Composer manual, we directly recommend both manuals.

Our training courses enable you to recognize many interrelationships quickly and efficiently and thus produce good results in the shortest possible time. Many of our customers have discovered that a good manual can often help them. But many topics are quicker, safer and more comprehensible thanks to professional explanations, which can be used for inquiring if you didn’t understand it right away.

Note: Currently only available in German!

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