Remote support

In daily work, questions often arise when using the software. Mostly when you have to do things that are rather rare.

Instead of wasting a lot of time searching, KRENKO is an excellent partner at your side in this point as well. Thanks to our experience with Composer, we usually help you very quickly and efficiently. Many questions are explained in a few words.

If that’s not enough, we can handle the more complicated cases using the TeamViewer software, with which we can open up numerous additional possibilities for you:

  • Support for current projects
  • Explanation of procedures
  • Short training courses for small subject areas
  • Search for errors or corrections directly in your Composer

This support is remote, exactly when you need it. We are able to view your desktop, intervene or switch to our desktop to explain the process in detail.

The benefit is an enormous time saving for you!

Therefore we offer you this possibility. No matter if it supports and secures the period after a training or is a frequently used solution for your team. Describe your requirements to us.

In complex projects we also like to use this way to support the project professionally, as online sessions contribute to an efficient, fast result.

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