Standard training

Standard training

Basic training

The Composer basic training is the most attended seminar. It is not only interesting for newcomers but also for everyone who wants to find their way back into the software after a break.

The basics of the software are crucial for further use. The better they are understood, the easier it will be for the user to develop new functions and areas later.

We attach great importance to the exchange of practical tips. They are the key to an efficient use of the Composer.

In order to be able to respond as well as possible to the participants, we limit the participants to a maximum of 6.

Each participant receives the KRENKO Manual Basics.

Animation training

For all those who have already gained experience with Composer and have a good understanding of the basics, we offer an insight into the animations for the next step. This training can be seen as the basics of animation.

In addition to create an animation, it is important for us to communicate the section “How do I change it later”. The content consists of the basics of creation, change functions and additions.

This training is especially suitable for all those who want to create assembly instructions later on.

Participants will also receive our extensive animation manual.

Spare part catalog training

BOM, spare part catalogs, parts lists – these are buzzwords that have become increasingly important since 2018. The procurement of spare parts should be possible quickly and easily.

We have therefore decided to offer the most important options for creating spare parts catalogues as standard training. Especially the functions around annotations and callouts, backgrounds of metadata, how they can be created or used, the creation of parts lists and the output are the main focus.

This training is especially dedicated to Composer users with good to very good Composer knowledge. You will learn to use connections between geometries, metadata and structures and to create interactive SVG exports.

Please note: Our trainings are exclusively in German language!

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