Composer Toolbox

The KRENKO Composer Toolbox is a useful addition for all Composer customers. Whether CATIA Composer or SOLIDWORKS Composer, it offers numerous functions that make working with Composer easier and make certain functionalities possible in the first place, e.g. by adding meta information in a batch process.

Whether your work focuses on illustrations or animations the Toolbox offers practical additions for every user.

Color & Transparency Properties

After importing the geometries from CAD, a lot of work is often required to change the color properties or to search for special assembly colors and transparencies to remove them. Here the Toolbox offers some functions to process the document automatically.

Translation of annotations

It is not always possible to completely avoid text in an illustration. With the translation module, texts can be translated into any language in a few seconds. To do this, simply run an Excel spreadsheet in which your terms are available as words or text phrases in the corresponding languages. The Toolbox does the rest. And if a term is missing, no problem, the Excel table opens automatically to make your work easier!

Meta Data Tool

Probably it is the most important feature of the Toolbox. This importer allows a quick and easy handling of your work. For example, STEP files can be quickly supplemented with all necessary information from the ERP after the import. All you need is an Excel list containing the necessary information for your model.

ANSI Note Generator

The ANSI Z535 is an American standard to provide information and warnings regarding occupational safety and health. The toolbox contains an ANSI generator that can merge and save pictograms, warnings and your own texts as vector graphics so that these graphics can be used in Composer. The vector graphics are saved as SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and are therefore scalable without loss of quality.


The Toolbox provides not only numerous functions, but also a very extensive library, which supports the daily work considerably.

  • Geometries for tools from all areas (more than 200 tools in Composer format)
  • Pictograms (approx. 1,400 each as JPG and SVG)

More detailed information can be found here.

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